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[7 Dec 2011]

Ded Moroz, also known as the Russian Santa Claus, won't be arriving at the traditional locations of the Kremlin or Manezhnaya Square this year... [More]

Russian Culture »

[1 Dec 2011]

Are you chatting with Russian and Ukrainian women named Ekaterina, Anna, Angelina, or Marina? They have Russian Name Days this month so be sure to mark your calendars... [More]

Russian Women »

[11 Nov 2011]

Anastasia is one of the most popular names for Russian women so there are lots of ladies to congratulate today... [More]

Russian Culture »

[8 Jul 2011]

Today in Russia, men and women around the nation are celebrating the Day of Family, Love, and Faithfulness, a day dedicated to the bonds of family and the sanctity of marriage. [More]

Russian Culture »

[3 Jun 2011]

June 12 is Russia Day, a day when Russians demonstrate their national pride and spend time with family and friends. [More]

Russian Culture »

[6 May 2011]

On Monday (May 9), citizens of the former Soviet Union will celebrate Victory Day. This special holiday marks the anniversary of Nazi Germany's surrender to the FSU, an act that brought about the end of World War II. [More]

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[11 Jan 2011]

Russian and Ukrainian women are getting together for another New Year celebration this week and some may practice these old customs... [More]

Russian Women »

[10 Nov 2010]

Tomorrow, November 11th, is a Russian Name Day for ladies sharing this popular name. Be the first to congratulate these Anastasias... [More]

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[1 Nov 2010]

One feature of Baltika beers that makes the brand so popular is the different varieties, all named by number, to appeal to all preferences of beer consumers... [More]

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[29 Oct 2010]

The St. Petersburg Wax Museum has exhibits that tour all over the world, in addition to permanent displays at 4 cultural centers... [More]