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[12 Jun 2013]

Today, June 12th, is Russia Day. While some ladies may be marching in protest around Moscow, others are just enjoying a day off with family and friends... [More]

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[23 May 2013]

Family is an important part of Ukrainian and Russian women's lives. This week's lesson will help you chat with your sweetie about her relatives. [More]

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[31 Dec 2012]

Happy New Year from! [More]

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[28 Dec 2012]

Want to take your Ukrainian sweetheart on the perfect dinner date? Brush up on a few key phrases that can help make your meal go well. [More]

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[21 Dec 2012]

Learn a few phrases to wish your favorite Russian or Ukrainian lady a happy holiday. [More]

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[28 Nov 2012]

The Cyrillic alphabet is somewhat similar to the Roman one. Memorizing the characters of the Cyrillic alphabet is a boon to travelers to the FSU and fans of Russian culture. Many Russian words are similar to their English counterpart, making it easy to get around. [More]

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[15 Nov 2012]

Fit in, stay safe and have a comfortable trip when you learn from the experience of previous travelers to the FSU. [More]

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[15 Oct 2012]

Are you a Sherlock Holmes fan? Seek out the Russian adaptation of the stories, which some people say is the best one ever made. [More]

Russian Culture »

[11 Oct 2012]

Anton Chekhov wrote many haunting stories about the love lives of ordinary Russian people. His trilogy "About Love" gets a new look for modern readers. [More]

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[28 Sep 2012]

What music does your Russian lady like? Russian pop singer Nyusha continues to tear up the charts. [More]