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[27 Oct 2011]

Making an extra effort to always look exceptional makes Russian ladies very happy... [More]

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[26 Oct 2011]

Most Russian ladies look forward to sharing their lives with men who can make them laugh so here are some suggestions to do so online... [More]

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[12 Sep 2011]

A radio station in Canada has drawn the ire of human rights activists and feminists everywhere by hosting a "Win a Wife" competition offering a Russian woman as a prize. [More]

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[1 Aug 2011]

Rejection is an inevitable part of dating, Russian dating included. If a special lady doesn't return your interest here's a few tips on how to handle the disappointment. [More]

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[1 Jul 2011]

Gentlemen who join with the expectation of finding a bride right away will likely be disappointed. [More]

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[2 Mar 2011]

To celebrate International Women's Day, Premium Members of can watch profile videos for free... [More]

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[14 Feb 2011]

Enjoy these 15 photos of Russian and Ukrainian ladies sharing their hearts with you... [More]

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[8 Feb 2011] is giving Premium Members an extra special discount on February 14th... [More]

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[11 Jan 2011]

Russian and Ukrainian women are getting together for another New Year celebration this week and some may practice these old customs... [More]

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[10 Nov 2010]

Tomorrow, November 11th, is a Russian Name Day for ladies sharing this popular name. Be the first to congratulate these Anastasias... [More]