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[23 Mar 2010]

A Russian website recently revealed why more men and women are turning to their computer keyboards for modern courting... [More]

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[9 Mar 2010]

New members of often wonder why their inboxes see hundreds of emails in just the few first days. Can these Russian brides be serious? [More]

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[4 Mar 2010]

Some men think and similar Russian dating sites are scams because they hear the ladies are paid for participating on the site. Here's the facts about who's paid and who's not... [More]

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[1 Feb 2010]

This is a common question that men wonder about the lovely ladies on Take a look at these related questions that help explain the truth... [More]

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[25 Jan 2010]

With so many negative scam stories about Russian dating on the internet, men often wonder why they rarely hear the success stories. People love to spread around rumors and scandal rather than love stories... [More]

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[21 Jan 2010]

Wondering about mail order bride myths and Russian dating scams you read on the internet? Get honest information from professionals in the industry. [More]

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[7 Jan 2010] takes the safety and security of its members very seriously. Here's how they safeguard against Russian dating scams and scammers. [More]

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[3 Dec 2009]

We often hear from our members that they were pleasantly surprised when they first joined at just how good the service is at connecting them with real Russian women. Naturally, many gentlemen are skeptical of the site prior to joining. [More]

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[5 Nov 2009]

International police agencies and the FBI put online dating scams near the top of internet fraud lists. How to avoid getting scammed? Learn to recognize the pattern, and research dating sites. [More]

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[29 Oct 2009]

There is a reason why every day, thousands of men worldwide, choose to join They know that for the money no one in the online dating industry can offer the service, safety and simplicity that members enjoy. But just like Balloon Boy, there are many lies and deceptions out there about [More]