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[19 Jul 2013]

Though many people think of Russia and Ukraine as being cold, nations, several areas of the countries enjoy the warmth and sun of a typical summer. Here are a few ways the ladies of Russian Love Match have fun in the sun. [More]

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[27 Dec 2012]

Sometimes allies and sometimes foes, Russia and Germany have been involved in one another's history for one thousand years. Learn more about how each country shaped the other's history at the Staatliche Museum in Berlin. [More]

Russian Culture »

[7 Dec 2012]

On December 8, 1991, Boris Yeltsin, Leonid Kravchuk, and Stanislav Shushkevich met to formalize the ending of the USSR and decide where the former member states would go from there. [More]

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[2 Nov 2012]

Sexy Russian tennis player has lost her number one status to playful Belarussian Victoria Azarenka. We think these FSU beauties are equally hot. [More]

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[12 Oct 2012]

An emerald weighing nearly a pound and a half has been unearthed in Russia's Ural Mountains. Called "Jubilee," it's the largest emerald found in a decade. [More]

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[25 Sep 2012]

Thousands of Russians in 17 cities participated in flash mobs and relay races to celebrate the 500 day countdown to the Winter Olympics... [More]

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[3 May 2012]

While Westerners tend to imagine Russia and parts of Ukraine as being cold, icy, and inhospitable, not all regions of Eastern Europe are bleak and frigid. [More]

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[15 Mar 2012]

Think Russian women don't like St. Patrick's Day. Think again! Russian men and women love this festive Irish holiday as much as revelers in any other nation. [More]

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[17 Feb 2012]

Some gentlemen may wonder if it’s safe to travel to Russia and/or the Ukraine right now, due to recent protests in the area. [More]

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[17 Feb 2012]

Instead of opting for the usual dinner and drinks, why not take your Russian love match somewhere fun and unique? [More]