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[4 Jun 2013]

When it comes to Russian dating, members often worry about insincere women, fake profiles, and marriage scams. However, what most men don’t realize is that the women of Russian Love Match share similar concerns [More]

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[31 Oct 2012]

Think the women on Russian Love Match are for sale? Here are a few things to keep in mind about Russian women, Russian Love Match, and mail order wives. [More]

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[29 Oct 2012]

It's pretty crazy when you think of it: tens of thousands of people sign up for Russian dating sites, but no one talks about it. [More]

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[29 Aug 2012]

Here's what a few of the lovely ladies on RLM had to say about looking for love abroad. [More]

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[7 Aug 2012]

Fascinated by the idea of looking for love abroad but uneasy about the Russian dating industry? Here are 3 things about Russian Love Match that might surprise you. [More]

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[31 Jul 2012]

When people imagine the home countries of mail order brides, Russia and the Ukraine often come to mind. However, the women of Russian Love Match are not for sale. [More]

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[10 Jul 2012]

Russian dating website® will offer clients a 50% off Video Streaming deal on Sunday, July 15. With hundreds of single Russian and Ukrainian women online at any given time during the day, this deal will make it more cost-effective for men to see their favorite ladies reacting to chats in real time. The special will run from 9am to 9pm Eastern Time. [More]

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[3 Jul 2012]

Here are three common Russian dating myths and why men should pay them no mind. [More]

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[26 Jun 2012]

Though men tend to have lots of questions about Russian women and Russian dating, one question comes up time and again – do mail order brides really exist? Here's the truth.

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[22 Jun 2012]

Some men like women with no tattoos or unconventional piercings. Other men love body art and want a lady who feels the same way. Russian Love Match has both kinds of women. [More]