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[19 Dec 2011]

Platinum Members of are serious about finding their soul mates and benefit from the incredible amount of free emails included in the monthly membership... [More]

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[16 Dec 2011]

How do you know if your favorite Russian lady is playing the dating game or if she just doesn't feel a connection with you? [More]

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[8 Dec 2011]

Some men believe you can actually buy a bride online because they just don’t understand the advanced world of international dating... [More]

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[7 Dec 2011]

Since the internet opened up a whole world of opportunities for single men, Russia and Ukraine seem to be the most popular places for find marriageable mates... [More]

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[2 Dec 2011]

Agencies are often argued as being unnecessary "middle men" in the search for love, but members of find that we partner with only the most trustworthy who truly care about not only the ladies, but the gentlemen too... [More]

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[2 Nov 2011]

Men who date Russian women online may deal with some of the longest distances, but these tips help guys get closer to the goal... [More]

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[13 Oct 2011]

Wondering where a special Russian lady went? Here are a few possible explanations for a woman's disappearance. [More]

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[30 Sep 2011]

While the majority of ladies are under 30, there are plenty of older women looking for love on [More]

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[16 Sep 2011]

Here are four simple ways gentlemen can date beautiful Russian women without wasting hard-earned cash. [More]

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[1 Sep 2011]

While RLM makes it easy for Western men and Russian women to communicate, gentlemen should be prepared to deal with the challenges that come with dating a non-native speaker. [More]