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[29 Sep 2011]

Many men are immediately suspicious when they see the gorgeous photos on However, they needn't write the site off just yet. [More]

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[28 Jul 2011]

With a little luck, skill, and determination gentlemen of all kinds can find love on our site. [More]

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[27 Jul 2011]

Many Russian women are crazy about Vladimir Putin. However, not all ladies support the prime minister. [More]

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[5 Oct 2010]

Here are 15 hot teachers who are looking for love on RussianLoveMatch. Why not log on and congratulate one today? [More]

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[20 Jul 2010]

This lovely and talented athlete is an Olympic medalist, a two-time world champion, and the winner of several national and European championships. [More]

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[19 Apr 2010]

Read on to learn more about the sexy Taurus women of RussianLoveMatch and determine if you're a good match for these sexy ladies. [More]

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[13 Jan 2010]

Many men simply can't believe that lovely Russian ladies can't find a man in their own country or that these hot women would be interested in regular guys like them. Here's why the skeptics are wrong. [More]

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[8 Jan 2010]

Foxy women in their 20's, 30's, and 40's! [More]

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[24 Nov 2009]

Are you a fan of women in lingerie? Then be sure to tune into The 2009 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on December 1st (CBS). Meanwhile, check out these photos of the hot Russian models of Victoria's Secret. [More]