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[10 Jan 2013]

Russian dating is just like every other dating experience, except in the many ways it's not. Here are our best tips for sustaining your relationship and building a warm and rewarding marriage. [More]

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[16 Oct 2012]

Don't make the mistake of looking only for ladies who are much younger than you are. There are significant benefits to checking out the Russian ladies who are in their thirties or forties. [More]

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[4 Oct 2012]

Intimidated by all those photos of beautiful women? Don't be! Russian ladies are quite friendly, and would love to meet a gentleman from abroad, like you. [More]

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[3 Oct 2012]

Russian ladies form their first impression of you based on your profile. Make it enticing and unique with our tips. [More]

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[15 Jun 2010]

3 ways well-meaning suitors scare Russian brides away and how to avoid making these common mistakes. [More]

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[3 May 2010]

Russian women possess a certain indescribable quality you just can't find around the block. [More]

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[4 Mar 2010]

Here are a few pitfalls the gentlemen of RussianLoveMatch may encounter while courting Russian women online and how they can successfully overcome them. [More]

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[10 Feb 2010]

Some gentlemen feel obligated to respond to each and every email they receive on RussianLoveMatch, but this is not a method we recommend. Here's why. [More]

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[4 Feb 2010]

Russian winter may be in full swing, but these beauties don't mind a little fun in the snow. [More]

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[26 Jan 2010]

A man does not need to be rich to find a Russian or Ukrainian bride, but some extra income is necessary (though not for the reasons many people think). [More]