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[7 Oct 2011]

Make the most of's fun and convenient chat features! [More]

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[16 Aug 2011]

New to RussianLoveMatch and not sure where to start? Here's a guide to the site's most commonly used features. [More]

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[12 May 2011]

While conflicting communication preferences can be frustrating, most couples can work around this minor issue if they’re willing to compromise. [More]

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[3 Aug 2010]

Here are the advantages to each style of communication and why a gentleman should always respect his lady's choice. [More]

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[22 Jun 2010]

What many Western men do not realize, is that Russian women are often disappointed by online suitors who promise to visit but never do. [More]

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[17 May 2010]

By being a Gold Member, you can watch Profile Videos at 50% off, get 25% off Gift Shop purchases, use “Stealth Mode” and “Blocking”, participate in our Referral Program (free credits) and upload up to 6 photos to your profile. [More]

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[8 Jan 2010]

While our content restriction polices are not always be popular, it’s important for members to understand that safety and a matchmaking focus are what prompted us to restrict email and chat correspondence. [More]

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[22 Dec 2009]

Some gentlemen wonder why a lady may choose to chat with more than one man at the same time. Here's why. [More]

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[3 Dec 2009]

Sometimes a Russian woman just isn't able to chat. However, despite some claims to the contrary, this does not mean she isn’t real or that RussianLoveMatch is a scam. [More]

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[13 Nov 2009]

Many members of HotRussianBrides enjoy chatting with lovely Russian ladies so much that they contact us with questions about unlimited chat. “Why do I have to pay per minute?” they ask. “Can’t I just pay flat fee to chat with the ladies?” Unfortunately, it is not economically feasible for HotRussianBrides to offer unlimited chat for a flat fee. Here's why. [More]