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[31 Aug 2011]

Here are the stars teaming up with lovely ladies of the Former Soviet Union. [More]

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[30 Aug 2011]

On Labor Day, members of will receive 25 bonus credits they purchase a 500-credit package! [More]

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[26 Aug 2011]

Are you on the fence about Russian dating? Here are 3 good reasons to give our service a try. [More]

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[25 Aug 2011]

Even if you don’t speak Russian or know someone who does, international travelers insist the wine tasting alone is worth a trip. [More]

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[25 Aug 2011]

Here are a few tips on using, cash, credit cards, and ATMs in Ukraine. [More]

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[24 Aug 2011]

Protests and celebrations marked the 20th anniversary of Ukraine's split from the Soviet Union. [More]

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[23 Aug 2011]

Planning to visit a special lady in Russia or the Ukraine? Here are four simple tips to help your journey go a little smoother. [More]

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[22 Aug 2011]

August 22nd is National Flag Day in Russia. [More]

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[19 Aug 2011]

Meet the lovely ladies competing in the "Rainbow of Beauty" summer pageant! [More]

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[18 Aug 2011]

This beauty show, which is free to view, kicks off at 1 p.m. (EST) and will feature some of the loveliest single women Ukraine has to offer. [More]